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On-demand content creation for brands and agencies.


We're transforming the way great marketing content is created and produced, fusing the efficiencies of technology with world class creativity.

Create content faster


Our approach and processes are built for speed. This means we create content much faster than the industry standard.


turnaround of visual content from brief to publication

create content cheaper


Our approach reduces production costs by removing layers of mark-up and fees, allowing you to get closer to talent.


reduction in video production costs

Create buzzier content


Get more BUZZ for your buck! Our team provide better strategic expertise, allowing brands to increase content performance.

46 X

increase in click-through’s for Macmillan Cancer Support

Content Creation Made Simple

We make it easier, faster and cheaper for brands and agencies to create highly relevant and beautiful content that generates buzz

Managed Projects

We’ll create & produce any content,
managing the project for you.

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Talent Access

We’ll build the perfect content team,
you manage the project.

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How it works

Every project is run through out content creation platform Trigger Hub, which also connects you to Trigger Studio, our network of world class content creators.

Trigger Hub our cloud based platform

A purpose built cloud-based platform that allows clients to manage their content creation at scale in a seamless, collaborative and highly productive way.

Trigger Studio our online community

A global community of over 2,000 fully vetted professional content creators, making it easier to find the right talent to deliver the best content for every brief.

Case Studies

The Buzz

Keep up to date with the latest Trigger Buzz news, developments and our perspective on the content marketing world.

Snap chat social media

Why snap inc is breathing new life into social media

On October 13th 2016, Claire Valoti, Snap Inc’s General Manager for the UK, took to that stage at IAB Engage to talk the future of Snap Inc

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dark social can deepen engagement

How dark social can deepen engagement with your audience

We're all looking for ways to quantify our campaign results and ROI's. but what if I told you that there is a growing trend amongst brands of disregarding this all together?

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